Green Campus is an ecologic art-tech start-up incubator of entrepreneurs contributing with intellectual, physical or monetary capital. Start-ups use modular aero/aqua/terrestrial mobile/vehicle units, in terrestrial, aquatic and/or aerial temporary/permanent parking, in tax/law/labor free economic international waters (+400km offshore), aerospace (+40km altitude) or lands (Antarctica or tax/law/labor free national temporary parking or permanent territory).

The aqua-aero-terrestrial vehicles temporarily parked in national territory carry the zero tax-law-labor Globocean flag ( and are exporters of products/services to national importing distributors/consumers.

Green Campus consists, sequentially, alternatively or complementary, of mobile home/office units (Aqua-Aero-Terrestrial Start-Up Home-Enterprise Vehicles) using current camping units (tent/vehicles), current towable mobile thermal insulated shipping container units and/or new innovative Sandaeroblock/Sandaeroship/Sandaeronet composite modular units (, allowing them to move in/out of international waters/aerospace.

Green Campus is a visual-architectural-environmental real-estate project for open art, entrepreneurship and innovation university joining participants and coordinators of workshops/incubators in green-high-tech physical campus, combining natural and high technology environments.

The objective is to develop projects that go from a workshop to an incubator and then to a post-incubator/sector market. The campus consists of a dense green area (natural and artificial trees, vegetation and flowers), with a wire/wireless Broadband Internet Network and 24 hours global functioning:

1) The green area consists of rustic bungalows (prefabricated modern modules covered of wood/bamboo and vegetation) and work/resting free areas (stream, cascade and lagoon):
a) Workshop-bungalow: round table for professor-entrepreneur and student-entrepreneurs.
b) Incubator-bungalow: enterprise boxes for new entrepreneurships.
c) Enterprise-bungalow: graduated enterprises and external enterprises.
d) Store-bungalow: incubated, graduated and external enterprise stores.
e) Residence-bungalow: residences for visitors, participants and coordinators.

2) The high-tech area consists of five modular glass towers, with suspended gardens, external glass elevators and a shopping center at the base: North tower (blue/aqua-marine), south tower (green/emerald), West tower (roxa/amethist), east tower (yellow/topaz) and the taller central tower (white/diamond) connected at the top by a laser/ light beam, forming a pyramid over the campus:
a) Workshop-room: round table for professor-entrepreneur and student-entrepreneurs.
b) Incubator-room: enterprise boxes for new entrepreneurships.
c) Enterprise-room: graduated and external enterprises.
d) Store-room: incubated, graduated and external enterprise stores.
e) Residence-room: residences for visitors, participants and coordinators.
North Tower
East Tower
West Tower
South Tower
Center Tower
20 SB1 and 240 SB3
(5 floors)
20 SB1 and 240 SB3
(5 floors)
20 SB1 and 240 SB3
(5 floors)
20 SB1 and 240 SB3
(5 floors)
40 SB1 and 480 SB3
(10 floors)
512 SB2
(2 floors)
120 SB1 + 512 SB2 + 1440 SB3
1952 residential-commercial units
UNIT PRICE per connectable residential/commercial (1952 units) modules of 12.5 m2
(US dollars or Globocean Globals: US$1 = G$1):

Full Ownership: US$9995 + US$95 month (maintenance).
Installment Ownership: US$125 month (for 20 years) + US$95 month (maintenance).
Month Fractional Ownership: US$995 (per month fraction) + US$9 month (maintenance)
Week Fractional Ownership: US$295 (per week fraction) + US$3 month (maintenance)
Day Fractional Ownership: US$49 (per day fraction) + US$1 month (maintenance)
Monthly Rental: US$295 month.
Weekly Rental: US$195 week.
Daily Rental: US$29 day.
Visitor Ticket: US$9 day.

TRANSPORTATION: aero-aqua-terrestrial transport integration
with Sandaeroships (10 property units).

Area: 10 000 m2 / Units: 1952 connectable units of 12.5 m2
Price: US$9995.00 per unit
Total: US$19,510,240.00
send email w/ resume/CV/project
(PDF) to unig(at)unig(dot)org
APPLY/RESERVE send email w/ PDF
resume/CV/project to unig(at)unig(dot)org
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