Development of self-taught, coordinated, theoretical, practical, bilingual, advanced Global Incubator Universities with virtual-real campus.

Advanced Institutional and Infrastructure Technology with creative control over matter, energy, environment, life, economy, society, planet, star, galaxy, universe.

Development of Art-Tech Enterprise Innovation Workshops and Incubators in new or established universities, in a new or established campus.

Bachelor/Master/Doctor Degree from 1/2/3 Individual projects developed, plus participation in Collective and Take-Over projects.

Art, Technlogy, Enterpise and Innovation in Industry-Art-Technology Areas.
Art-Tech Enterprise Innovation Developed/Incubated Projects/Enterprises.

Human/Enterprise incubation, regeneration, coordination in Art-Tech Campus,
Permanent Life Fluid Incubator and Permanent Life Module.

1)Implementation of independent Global Incubator Universities of Art, Technology, Enterprise and Innovation or by administrative control over established traditional primitive technocratic universities using neoclassic nineteen century technical specialization and bureaucratic administration.

Methods of knowledge, Human Software, used by Neural Networks, Human Hardware, include multi-variable real-time-space multinary/analog Intuition (past-present), Creation (future) and 1-2 variables binary/digital thinking/communication/action Reason (relative truth), Religion (absolute truth), Emotion (cathartic contradiction-resolution).

For passive Religion of Science truth is absolute, for passive-active Philosophy of Science truth is relative and for active Art of Science truth is created, virtual-real/energy-matter borderline crossing is unlimited, needs-wants/costs-benefits can be solved/created using observed/created patterns/models.

Technocrats practice neoclassic doctrinal dogmatism, religion of science, absolute truth, discovered by geniuses of mother nature laws created by the prophets of father god; illustrated by high cost unnecessary complicated methodology/mathematics discipline/hierarchy; fear/desire incentives, using threat of punishment and offer of reward, base of traditional primitive authoritarian educational process. This neoclassical passive science of the 19th century discovers absolute laws of nature to be passively obeyed in the derivative development of inventions and innovations from the paradigms discovered by "geniuses" or supposed genetically privileged.

For the Active Science of the 21st century, "nature" in fact has dynamic patterns and regularities that evolve/involve over time and can be modified, structured, recreated, invented and innovated without limits. Time and space are in fact infinite because the expansions/contractions of the Universe/Multiverse (big bang/crunch, neutron stars/supernovas and black/white holes) are unlimited. The limited non-free religion of science must be replaced with the unlimited free Art of Science.

From the Graviton Quantum Theory paradigm (the smallest and highest velocity particle is the Graviton, faster than a Photon, giving unlimited time/space access to the universe/multiverse) and Permanent Life Theory (unlimited regression/progression of Systemic, Cellular, Atomic, Genetic and Informatic Life), a human being can have creative theoretical control over energy, matter, life, planet, star, galaxy, universe and multiverse. Given infinite space/time, other beings/civilizations already have or will have such creative control, being improbable to be able to determine if there was, who was or where is an original creator. Humans can/should evolve to transform this theoretical creative control into practical.

Art is a free creative individual method of knowledge. Science is a conceptual, theoretical and empirical method of knowledge. The Art of Science is a free creative individual conceptual theoretical empirical method of knowledge. Science Artists can use current or new research/development methods, technology paradigms, conceptual theories, empirical tests to create prototype inventions and product/service incremental or radical innovations.

2) Implementation of Bachelor, Master and Doctor degrees of Art, Technology, Industry, Enterprise and Innovation in areas of innovative projects, using tools of Administration, Economics, Multimedia and Languages, obtaining practical-artistic results in workshops and incubators of projects.

Traditional universities are technocratic, inefficient and obsolete tending to generate non-creative, non-risk taking bureaucratic technical specialized professionals. The start-up artistic, entrepreneurial and technological information revolution of the internet, requires a new university, where creative students don't want to drop out to develop their full potential, but to drop in to empower that potential.

3) Implementation of a process of selection, research and development of artistic, entrepreneurial, innovative projects in workshops of coordinators and entrepreneurs. Projects and resumés/CVs are the basis for workshop and incubator selection with a creative democratic plural non-doctrinal approach.

Traditional university professors are conservative, bureaucratic, dogmatic and doctrinaire, when they should be progressive, democratic, plural and open to creativity. They tend to select submissive, disciplined and non-creative students through personal and non-plural doctrinal selective processes.

4) Implementation of Workshops of Institutional Systemic Strategy and Global Multimedia Communication, producing bilingual Plan, Book, Script, Film and Website of the selected projects. A minimum flexible structure of artistic expression provides a guide and vehicle for entrepreneurial incentive.

Traditional universities/teachers tend to encourage memorizing traditional theories, repetitive theoretical exercises and abstract empirical experiments. Creativity is not ignored but repressed, as a secondary activity to be pursued in the distant future, with probable negative results in an even more distant future. In reality the future must be built in the present. This conservative attitude is mainly aimed at preserving self-interest of conservative teachers, educated on the basis of threat of punishment and offer of reward, generating fear of obsolescence, desire to maintain privileges and aversion to the new and innovative creativity.

5) Implementation of real-virtual residential-commercial infra-structure for the incubation/marketing of the projects developed and selected from the workshops. Graduated projects can generate cultural, social, economic results for entrepreneurs, coordinators, universities, communities and societies. The collective interest of society and individual or creative professionals is for radical innovation that accelerate progress.

Traditional universities with research/development systems, patent licensing and consultancies, generally create incubators that maintain the same system. Infrastructure, including laboratories and commercial space are usually allocated to teachers and intellectually submissive students. These in general create companies with patent licensing and consulting activities, within the same technological paradigms, instead of innovative products/services. Most patents never reach the market and when they do are usually as abusive monopolies. Incremental innovations are usually preferred to radical innovations that create new technological paradigms, requiring new training, hardware and software.